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Microwaves and Your Food

During one of my late night research sessions on health and nutrition I ran across some scary information regarding microwave ovens and food that has been “nuked”, as they say.  I always wondered why people referred to cooking food in a microwave oven as “nuking it” and assumed that nuking food with radiation, as opposed to microwaving it, was the dangerous thing to do and was something completely different.  I guess you learn new things with every new day. 

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2 Responses to “Microwaves and Your Food”

  1. interesting, I wonder what the studies are for people who stand in front of the microwave in anticipation of their food being ready shortly. This behavior, while seemingly innocent and most probably mindless, cannot be a healthy habit and in fact I am curious if it raises ones risk for cancer or other diseases associates with radiation poisoning. DrJayme- AsktheCBT

    • Dr. Jayme,

      Thanks for the comment! I imagine that the screen-like “protective barrier” you see on most microwave oven doors does provide some comfort to those concerned about the safety of the ovens. For me, however, it seems quite oxymoronic to protect the user’s outside from the dangerouse waves and a few minutes later that same user is injesting the now toxic food. Its amazing how the human mind works sometimes, or doesn’t. I have been reheating food with a conventional oven for quite some time now and can attest to the quality of the food being just as if it where a new creation every time. Fresh taste an aroma. Its something completely different from what you get out of a microwave. –3cheers2health

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