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The Blessed Olive Tree

Our littlest one has been under the weather for the past few days with stuffiness and a runny nose. On the way back from a doctor’s visit for my wife she began to cry and cry and rub her ear.  She did this several times after we arrived home as well.  Our summation?  Ear ache.  You hate to see your children go through that kind of thing especially when they’re not old enough to tell you exactly what’s going on.

At that moment I remembered my research on natural anti-inflammatories.  The primary being garlic oil.  Since I didn’t have any garlic oil on hand I resorted to the faithful back-up, olive oil. Olive oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties much like ibuprofen.  It is a remedy that has been used for ages and can still hold its own in todays technilogical age of artificial medicine.

I didn’t have time to heat the oil as recommended as she was obviously in much pain but with my wife’s assistance we put 3 – 4 drops of extra virgin olive oil (the more virgin the olive oil, the less processing takes place) in her ear.  Within 5 minutes her pain subsided and she was able to take a much needed nap.   Ah, the power of nature.

Notes:  The flow of olive oil and its processing levels from 1 – 4, 1 being the least processed –

1. Extra Virgin

2. Virgin

3. Pure

4. Extra Light



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