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If I Were a Eugenicist…

…and wanted to eliminate 90% of the Earth’s population I would develop a virus, mostly harmless to begin with, and release it upon an unknowing public.  At that point I would direct the mainstream media to have daily reports on a possible outbreak caused by this “mysterious” virus.  During the same time of the virus development I would begin contract negotiation with some of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies around the world for development of a vaccine that would supposedly prevent the spread of my virus.  The truth?  The vaccine would be mostly ineffective against the mutated version of my virus by the time the pharmaceutical companies finished production.  In fact, it would include a cocktail of ingredients that, well, lets just say are none too pleasant.

I would then call my friends at the World Health Organization and inform them that it was necessary to elevate the pandemic phase level to a 4.  I would contact my friends in the media again and instruct them to show video of the population walking around with surgical masks and video of patients lying in hospital beds.  In addition, increase the number of reported infections.

More instructions, this time to the Center for Disease Control directing them to issue press releases stating hundreds of thousands of  Americans could die from my virus within the next 2 years.  Long before the time this press release is issued I will have instructed the World Health Organization to elevate the pandemic phase level to a 6 (widespread human infection), the highest phase level.

Organize a preparedness summit to discuss the possibility of forced vaccinations on the populace.  Introduce more scare tactics to the media announcing that the most vulnerable of the population would be children.  As we all know, the majority of parents love their children and would do anything for them, including giving them a minimally tested vaccine that, unknown to many, will just so happen to include a lovely little chemical called squaline…something I and my cohorts insisted be secretly tested on soldiers during the first Gulf War.

Then, convince the already terrified to supply me with their most precious possessions for testing of the tainted vaccine…I guess I should stop there, I’ve already said too much.  I think at this point I will just sit back and watch the show.



One Response to “If I Were a Eugenicist…”

  1. Hmm!? Why should I receive another transplant? So I can be susceptible to these viruses. This is why I am seeking Yahweh’s help in making this decision. I am tired of living with fear in my life. It’s good to be inform and questioned the self-proclaim experts. But in the end its trusting in him to help you endure until the end.

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