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International Hearings Begin On “Falsified” Swine Flu Pandemic

January 21, 2010

The only problem I see with this scenario is that you have the government investigating the wrongdoings of the government. Conflict of interest maybe? If anything resembling the prosecutions of those involved in spreading fear for the sake of a larger profit margin comes out of this I’ll be very, very surprised. (Full Story) 3cheers2health

Plant could save millions from malaria

January 16, 2010

“With our new understanding of Artemisia genetics, we can produce improved, non-GM varieties of Artemisia much faster than would otherwise be possible.” I’m going to take that to mean that Monsanto has been left out of this picture, right? “The project has received its second grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.” Oh dear […]

Organ harvesting by default

January 15, 2010

As it stands, to be an organ donor you have to specifically state so on the back of your state issued driver license. If Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Regulation “czar” pick (don’t “czars” belong in Russia?), has his way, Big Brother will presume your organs belong to him upon death and can take them if so […]

Cancer and AIDS from vaccines – a eugenicist’s confession

January 14, 2010


WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing

January 14, 2010

My recommendation? Research eugenics and its history to get the full picture on the globalists plans for you and me. (Full Story) 3cheers2health

AIDS: Big Pharma’s Dirty Little Secret

January 14, 2010

We’ve all seen a plethora of corruption in the pharmaceutical field recently. If true, this could possibly come close to topping them all. What would it take for the citizens of the world to refuse to continue being guinea pigs for these demented individuals? (Full Story) 3cheers2health