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India halts HPV vaccine trial

Gardasil is nothing more than a population control mechanism. If it doesn’t kill these young women then it will, in time sterilize them. Its called eugenics and the global elite have been implementing this agenda for decades. You may have recently seen the face of the eugenicist in the recent hostage situation at the Discovery Channel headquarters. Read the report here.

These people, the eugenicists, are a very dangerous group. They want to physically harm, even destroy, others without their knowledge through the use of deadly vaccines such as the HPV shot.

Most importantly women, learn to love yourselves enough to take control of your own health. Don’t engage in risky behaviors that can only harm you and the future generations. Do your research when it comes to your health and know your body, its limitations. Just because something feels good to do doesn’t mean that its good FOR you. Be wise and know your importance to society. You are a very big part of the continuance of mankind on this planet. Don’t let a handful of elitist sickos dictate what happens to you. (Full Story)

Learn more about the population control agenda and how to fight against it here.

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