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India halts HPV vaccine trial

September 2, 2010

Gardasil is nothing more than a population control mechanism. If it doesn’t kill these young women then it will, in time sterilize them. Its called eugenics and the global elite have been implementing this agenda for decades. You may have recently seen the face of the eugenicist in the recent hostage situation at the Discovery […]

What to expect with socialized medicine

March 21, 2010

With 45% of doctors looking at leaving the profession should Obamacare become effective law, its no wonder this is what we’ll have to look forward to. (Full Story) 3cheers2health

AIDS: Big Pharma’s Dirty Little Secret

January 14, 2010

We’ve all seen a plethora of corruption in the pharmaceutical field recently. If true, this could possibly come close to topping them all. What would it take for the citizens of the world to refuse to continue being guinea pigs for these demented individuals? (Full Story) 3cheers2health