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Muffin Tops

muffin_topOkay, okay…some may find this term to be offensive but hear me out on this one. There was a time, not too long ago as I like to tell myself, during high school that one could throw a rock and hit a teenager who appeared to be in somewhat fair physical condition. My high school was rather small in a town with a total population of 400+ people.

A few years ago my wife and I attended a fund raising event at our old high school and I noticed something quite peculiar. The majority of the teenage girls that were there had what is called a muffin top (you can seen an example of this in the supporting photo). “Funny”, I said to my wife, “I don’t recall you ladies having those when we were going to high school, do you?” My wife shook her head in agreement. It wasn’t until we took a reminiscent stroll through the old hallowed halls that it seemed to come together. VENDING MACHINES! There were at least 3 and that was a huge amount for a small school such as ours. All of them packed with snacks dripping with saturated fats, MSG and high fructose corn syrup. I could not believe it.

The only vending machine we had in our day was a soda machine and it was pad locked the entire time until 3pm rolled around.

“What was the school board thinking in allowing these monstrosities to be housed here”, I thought to myself. And at this point, why is there a question as to what is causing the obesity in people so young? Its staring them right in the face!

My hope is that clearer heads will prevail in all of this and the machines are taken out of our old school as well as other schools around the country. There is no place for them there. If there is no consideration in taking them out, at least fill them with apples, oranges, carrots, organic fruit juices, etc. Our education system should concentrate more on supplying our young men and women with the tools for a bright future and not fodder for the health care industry.



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